Our story

Founded from University

2-BBB started in 2003 as to-BBB technologies BV, a spin-off company from the renowned Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) from Leiden University in the Netherlands. The founding fathers of to-BBB were Pieter Gaillard, Alfred Nijkerk (VenGen), Bert de Boer (emeritus head of the LACDR Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group) and Leiden University.

Transitioning the company for product development

Years of commitment and dedication from our team, investors, scientific/medical collaborations and government agencies have enabled research and development on technologies in the blood-brain barrier field and a multitude of potential medicines for devastating brain diseases. Through to-BBB and later BBB Therapeutics, products were moved into clinical development and brought to a stage requiring strong partnerships or significant capital investment for further development. At this stage, the entity BBB Therapeutics went through a bankruptcy in 2015. 

A new horizon

2-BBB Medicines BV was created by founder Pieter Gaillard and a group of dedicated investors to acquire the intellectual property and research and clinical data from the appointed trustee. This was possible through the motivation to realign the company again with its core values: to transform the lives of patients affected with brain diseases faster and more successful by combining known disease targets and compounds with established drug delivery systems united with safe targeting technology. We believe in the value that the chosen products can bring to patients and that we can find a way to continue the development of products through partnerships and focused investment. The fascinating story of to-BBB and BBB Therapeutics has been given a new horizon, a second chance, to the ultimate cause of providing a new medicine to patients in need. 2-BBB Medicines BV is our chosen name to remind us every day of this chance and this cause.

Name and logo origins

to-BBB started as a descriptive working title in 2003 was tested and reconsidered at many occasions and stayed as a distinctive brand name: to deliver drugs to the brain by targeting the blood-brain barrier. The name was given a feng shui oriented letter style and the color blue as standing for fast inspiration and outward communication. 2-BBB builds upon this foundation as a restart with the color red as a focus of enabling medicines to the patient.


Having spun out from Leiden University, 2-BBB made an active decision to stay on the leading Bio Science Park in Leiden, a city that is dedicated to brain research. It is currently located in the BioPartner building, a flexible incubator building with laboratories and offices in the same hall way, right in the middle of the thrilling biotech cluster.