Collaborating on the G-Technology®

Successful drug delivery into the brain is challenged by the brain’s protective shield, the blood-brain barrier. Many drugs can currently not be made available to the brain because they do not adequately cross the blood-brain barrier. 2-BBB’s proprietary liposomal G-Technology enables sustained delivery of systemically administered therapeutics while simultaneously facilitating entry through the blood-brain barrier.


  • Is the safest available brain drug delivery platform technology;
  • Is suitable for acute and chronic disease treatment; and
  • Has solid IP protection for any compound-disease-combination.

G-Technology for your drug:

Applying 2-BBB’s technology to our partner’s compounds or existing drugs, a broad array of diseases can be addressed in the therapeutic areas of oncology (primary and secondary brain cancer), neurodegenerative diseases (MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease), neuropathic pain, stroke, lysosomal storage diseases, epilepsy, retinal diseases and others. 

Many of our partnerships have evolved from initial academic research collaborations, for which we have often obtained external funding from both academia and industry. Our laboratories have seen a multitude of projects from big pharma, biotech and academia, and ranging from novel molecules to existing drugs. This experience has gained us much insight into the process of liposomal formulation and the development of specific criteria that the collaboration molecule should follow in order to have a tangible end product for further testing.

2-BBB's collaboration strategy is to strictly select molecules that have a high chance of success and find a collaboration model that suits both partners, to truly support the end goal of developing medicines for devastating brain diseases the best way we can. 

For any inquiries related to Collaboration, please reach out to Business Development at our Contact form.