Partnering is an integral component of 2-BBB’s strategy to maximize the value of our proprietary liposomal G-Technology® platform, which has been shown to be compatible with approved as well as novel therapeutic entities. Leveraging our technology and expertise, we accelerate the development of novel treatment options for patients suffering from devastating brain diseases. Our in-house efforts have led to two clinical programs in development, and several potential projects at earlier stages, that are available to pharma/biotech partners in need of a novel program in high unmet areas with a risk-mitigating profile of proven components.

2-BBB's partnering strategy is to efficiently bring in-house candidates forward to a stage where other companies can leverage the value with their expertise and capabilities, and find a partnering model that suits both partners, to truly support the end goal of developing medicines for devastating brain diseases the best way we can. 

Our products available to partnering through our listed partners are:

  • 2B3-101 (now 2X-111), a clinical Phase I/IIa program in breast cancer brain metastases and malignant glioma (partnered with Oncology Venture)
  • 2B3-201 (now ENX-201), a clinical Phase I program in MS acute relapses and other neuro-inflammatory diseases (joint venture with TTY Biopharm)
  • G-Technology formulated candidates with preclinical Proof of Concept data in neuro-oncology, neuro-degenerative diseases and retinal diseases (such as LP-DF003 with Mireca Medicines GmbH)

Next to our in-house products, our Collaboration model is able to leverage the G-Technology for external molecule candidates.

For any inquiries related to Partnering, please reach out to Business Development at our Contact form.