2-BBB provides a safe and effective CNS drug delivery platform.

2-BBB started as a spin-off company from the Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) from Leiden University in the Netherlands. As the city of Leiden is well known for its dedication to brain research, it was an obvious choice to locate the company in the BioPartner building at the Leiden Bio Science Park which is right in the middle of the thrilling biotech cluster.

The human brain and eyes are not only protected by the skull but also by respectively a blood-brain barrier and a blood-retina barrier. Yet, these barriers also limit drug uptake, as required to treat patients for a large variety of diseases. 2-BBB’s proprietary G-Technology® offers the ability to safely enhance delivery of drugs that do not readily reach the brain and eyes within a favorable therapeutic window. Therapeutic application areas are vast and include oncology, neurological diseases, and retinal diseases.

Our business strategy is to transform the lives of patients affected with brain and eye diseases faster and more successful by forming partnerships with pharma and biotechnology companies for the development of products. As of today, we have three such partnerships in place for particular compound-field combinations.

As so much more can be done to better patients’ lives, we welcome any enquiries from interesting parties.