LP-DF003 (GSH-PEG liposomal DF003, at Mireca Medicines GmbH for hereditary retinal degeneration has completed pharmacological proof-of-concept studies.

LP-DF003 is developed by Mireca Medicines GmbH, a Tübingen (Germany) based preclinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company focusing on research and development of treatments for rare, neuro-degenerative eye diseases. Mireca was set up with the aim to translate research data generated in the EU-funded DRUGSFORD project into treatments for patients, with all original consortium partners as shareholders, while the translational science continues to be progressed in the EU-funded International Training Network transMed. Thus providing access to a network of experienced scientists and entrepreneurs, all relevant intellectual property, and a GMP-compliant manufacturing process.

The lead compound LP-DF003 is a small molecule capable of down-regulating over expressed cGMP in inherited retina degeneration, covering a broad amount of underlying gene mutations. Mireca will first develop LP-DF003 for retinitis pigmentosa for which the EMA Orphan Drug Status was granted and no other treatment option is currently available.